Oculus Unveils Next Prototype, App Store, Mobile SDK at Connect Event

oculus-crescent-bay-1940x1249Oculus has unveiled the next prototype headset, the Crescent Bay, which it says is the latest step “on the path to the consumer version of the Rift,” its VR (Virtual Reality) headset.

The Crescent Bay features 360° head tracking, integrated audio, expanded positional tracking volume, and an improved form factor thats lighter and more ergonomic than previous prototypes.

This was just one of many announcements made by the Facebook-owned VR company at its first developer conference, Oculus Connect. Arguably more important was the introduction of the Oculus Platform, an app and media store which will launch across mobile OS and web browsers, as well as through the headsets themselves, which will be supported by a mobile SDK for app development launching in October.

The company also showed off the latest device in its ongoing collaboration with Samsung, the Gear VR Innovator Edition. Available to developers this autumn, the Innovator Edition is an early access beta version of the headsets, which use a slotted-in Galaxy Note 4 phablet as its display.

Finally, Oculus has partnered with Unity to add support for the headset to Unitys game development tool, with stereo imaging optimisation and 3D audio support, and with RealSpace3D, licensing its audio technology to improve the sound fidelity in its devices.

One announcement that was absent from Oculus Connect was the rumoured handheld controller, for playing games on the VR headset. While this wasnt unveiled at the event, TechCrunch reports that its still on its way in the near future.