Ofcom: O2 and BT Mobile most complained-about providers

O2 and BT Mobile have been named the most complained-about mobile operators, according to Ofcom.

Complaints about O2 were primarily driven by how customers’ complaints were being handled (31%), however, BT customers’ complaints were driven by their experiences of changing providers (45%).

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Some 36% of complaints by BT customers were driven by how complaints were handled by the telecoms giant, whereas 9% complained about faults, service and positioning, compared to 29% of O2 customers.

Ofcom also revealed that 18% of O2 customers complained about the mobile giants’ billing, pricing and charges.

The data also revealed Sky Mobile, EE and Vodafone all received the fewest complaints in the mobile sector.

Commenting on the overall complaints data for this quarter, Ofcom Consumer Protection Director, Fergal Farragher, said: “The slight increase in complaints on the previous quarter shows that providers must continue to focus on improving customer service.

“As the communications regulator, we compile this complaints data so we can better understand the reasons for dissatisfaction among telecoms customers.”

He added: “While we cannot deal with individual customer complaints, publishing this data gives consumers an insight into providers’ performance, which helps them to choose the right provider for their needs.