Ogilvy tackles medical misinformation with new health influencer unit

Ogilvy has launched a dedicated health influencer division aimed at assisting pharmaceutical companies tackle medical misinformation.

As a result, the creative agency will leverage the increasing numbers of people turning to social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram for medical advice and information, particularly amidst the growing scarcity of traditional GP appointments.

However, given the medical misinformation widely available on social media, the trend underscores the importance of responsible health information.

Ogilvy Health CEO, Caroline How, said: “Society is at a point of peak illness and peak wellness.

“An ageing population means more people are living with chronic illness, while more people than ever are seeking wellness and lifestyle solutions to better their health.”

She added that the “family doctor is no longer the sole gatekeeper” of medical information, with many “turning to influencers to help them in different ways: from checking and identifying their symptoms [or] a diagnosis, or lifestyle tips on how to manage that condition”.

Ogilvy PR, Global Head of Influence, Rahul Titus added that health influence was the “new frontier” in marketing.

“Like consumer and business audiences, authentic credibility has overtaken hard sales when it comes to increasing trust and business growth. Own your conversation around health, or someone else will.”

The move follows Ogilvy previously working with major pharma companies including Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.