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Indian Uber rival Ola is riding its way into Australia

Tyrone Stewart

OlaIndian ride sharing firm Ola is set to launch its service outside of its home market for the first time as it prepares to take on Uber in Australia.

Ola, founded in 2011, claims to offer its transportation services to more than 125m people in India, who take as many as 1bn rides through its platform each year. These journeys are carried out by the company’s network of over 1m drivers in more than 110 cities.

The company has begun inviting private vehicle owners in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth to consider driving for it, with an eye on getting the service up-and-running over the next few months.

“We are very excited about launching Ola in Australia and see immense potential for the ride sharing ecosystem which embraces new technology and innovation,” said Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder & CEO at Ola. He further added, “With a strong focus on driver-partners and the community at large, we aim to create a high-quality and affordable travel experience for citizens and look forward to contributing to a healthy mobility ecosystem in Australia.”