Omate and Ungaro Launch Single-function Smart Ring

OmateFashion house Emanuel Ungaro and wearables manufacturer Omate have partnered to launch the Ungaro ring.

A smart ring with an emphasis on fashion over functionality, the Ungaro is plated with 18-carat gold or silver and features a gem stone. Depending on which gem and metal a customer chooses, the ring will cost between $500 and $2,000.

The ring has only one function. It connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and vibrates when it receives a call or text from a single selected contact.

Because it uses vibrations to communicate with the wearer, the Ungaro doesnt require any form of display – it looks like any other ring, even when in use.

That also means a longer battery life than more sophisticated wearables, though not by as much as you might expect – the battery is expected to last up to five days.

When the ring launches in November, it will only be compatible with iOS devices, with Android due to follow in Q1 2016.