Omnichannel Messaging for the Travel Industry

The entire travel industry is talking about it: messaging for traveller engagement. Be it in the form of SMS, chat apps and even coupled with AI, this is the talk of the town. But is this just hype or does it really make sense for travel brands to implement a messaging-centred customer journey?

The fact is, messaging has become the centre of all of our lives, and naturally travellers want to use it while travelling too.

Find out more in this whitepaper, just released by Tyntec, where youll learn about:

  • How travellers communication behaviour and demands are affecting the travel industry
  • The top customer engagement streams, challenges, opportunities and use cases
  • The shift towards a messaging-centred mobile strategy
  • Key challenges, trends and messaging use cases for airlines and hospitality

With research data, deep insights and use cases, you can get ready to implement messaging in travel campaigns today.

Download Omnichannel Messaging for the Travel Industry for free today.