Omnicom Signs $230m Ad Deal with Twitter

TwitterTwitter and Omnicom Media Group have struck a two-year, $230m (£137m) mobile advertising deal. The deal will integrate Twitters MoPub ad exchange with Omnicoms programmatic ad trading desk, Accuen.

As well as guaranteeing ad rates and inventory access for Omnicom agencies, the deal gives the holding company a “first look” at any new ad units and opportunities developed by Twitter, and includes an “element of research”.

Currently, ads purchased using Twitters programmatic system only show up across third-party sites in the MoPub network, but there are plans to let marketers buys ads for the social network in a similar way.

The announcement comes after a similar $500m (£299m) partnership between Facebook and Publicis Groupe was revealed last week.

Adam Bain, Twitters president of global revenue, said: “Its great for us because well now have high-quality advertisers coming through the exchange.”