OmniVirt has created 3D Photo Ads for Vice and Paramount Pictures

Advertising platform OmniVirt, which specializes in augmented and virtual reality content, has created new realistic 3D Photo Ads, by adding depth to any flat photo. As users move their phones, the photos appear to pop off the screen. Paramount Studios is the first movie studio to begin using OmniVirt’s 3D Photos to promote its new horror film remake, Pet Sematary.

Paramount Picture’s created both banner ads and movie posters for Pet Sematary, which were then converted to 3D content by OmniVirt, and launched across the studios programmatic display spend.

Recently, publisher Vice Media has joined the 3D content trend, and has partnered with OmniVirt to offer 3D Photo Ads to Vice’s advertisers. Vice has already began distributing 3D Photo Ads promoting the new Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dog film, Beach Bums.

Shyam Panchal, Vice’s global director of commercial products said, “With 3D Photo Ads, the Vice Ad Studio is excited to offer our brand partners an innovative way to communicate with their audience across our ecosystem, which aligns with our approach to dynamic storytelling across both advertising and content.”

3D content’s popularity has been recently boosted by Facebook’s new 3D Photo feature, which lets users with an iPhone 7 Plus or above convert “Portrait” photos to 3D pictures on their feed. Since 3D Photo Ads have launched, they’ve seen a 3-5x increase in CTR on average, and a 2.42 per cent engagement rate, as compared to Facebook’s average engagement rate of 0.16 per cent.

“We know that ad blindness is a huge issue for the industry” said Michael Rucker, COO of OmniVirt. “3D Photo Ads are giving advertisers the ability to solve this with their existing creative and media spend.”