On Device Research launches digital ad effectiveness guide for brand marketers

On Device Research has released its report: ‘Brand Advertiser’s Guide to Digital Ad Effectiveness: Top 10 Learnings for 2018’.

In research conducted by the MMA and WARC, it was found that only a fifth of digital marketers are using brand metrics to measure the most important part of their marketing spend. One possible cause is the fact that the metrics which currently dominate digital advertising are not properly serving the needs of brands in measuring brand impact.

With the IPA consistently championing campaign strategies that are weighted towards long-term brand building, the On Device Research report provides brands with insight into how to better measure the effectiveness of their digital advertising campaigns. This is broken down into 10, bite-sized topics, including advice on cross-screen campaigns, audience verification, location and the measurement of success across a brand’s various media partners.

The report advocates for a move to ROBI (Return on Brand Impact), which is a framework that brands can use to understand the Cost Per Incremental Purchase Intender (CPIPI) by media partner, creative format or frequency, which can enhance ROI by leveraging learnings from every campaign.

“We have encouraged the digital advertising industry to adopt brand impact metrics to measure ad effectiveness for many years,” said On Device Research CEO, Alistair Hill. “In that time, we have delivered over 35m cross-platform surveys in 94 markets, which gives us a unique insight into how to measure the impact of different campaign criteria, such as media partner, creative or frequency. It is these findings that are summarised in this report.”

The report can be downloaded for free here. The company is also running a webinar on 6 March 2018 at 15:00 GMT to support the release of the report. You can sign up for that here.