One in Eight People on Earth will Own a Tablet by 2017

More than one in eight of the worlds population will own a tablet by 2017, according to a forecast by Forrester. Thats an installed base of 905m, compared to just 15m back in 2010.

Worldwide, sales of tablets are set to increase by a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 25.6 per cent, from 122m in 2012, to 381m in 2017. The majority of those will be purchased by consumers, according to Forrester, but enterprises will make up 18 per cent of all purchases.

In North America, 60 per cent of online consumers will own a tablet by 2017, compared to 42 per cent in Europe. In the developing world, however, Forrester doesnt expect penetration rates to even reach 25 per cent by that date.