One in Five Ready for NFC

According to a survey from marketing company Acxiom, 20 per cent of UK consumers are now ready to use NFC, as the technology is readied for trials around the country. 

The company says wealthy couples are most likely to use the technology. Married couples aged between 45 and 54 and who earn more than £40,000 per year are most likely to use NFC. They are generally middle or senior managers, and are interested in travel, skiing, golf and eating out, according to Acxioms analysis of the survey of 17,000 people. 

Gaurang Vartikar, Acxiom Europes head of mobile, says: “Our results show these consumers will be the early adopters of NFC, and the best way to reach them would be trials at their favourite retail stores, which are Sainsburys Local, Tesco Metro, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer.”

The company also found that single female homeowners aged between 25 and 44 were more likely to use NFC for loyalty schemes than for making payments. 15 per cent of all those surveyed said they would be willing to share information with brands, provided the brand is transparent about what details are collected. 

“Brands now need to quickly understand who these supporters of NFC are, what they spend their money on and what they will use the new services for in order to send them targeted, relevant offers,” says Vartikar.