One in Three Consumers Delete Apps Due to Data Overuse

  • Thursday, September 25th, 2014
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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Friends on phones SMS text in social situationsMore than one in three smartphone owners have deleted an app from their device because they thought their data was being overused, a new survey has revealed.

The YouGov online survey, commissioned by international law firm Osborne Clarke and mobile consultancy Mubaloo showed that 35 per cent deleted apps because they felt personal data was being used for purposes they had not originally agreed to, while only a quarter of people trusted companies to protect the data that was gathered using mobile apps.

Consumers aged 18 – 24 are the most trusting, with only 31.48 per cent deleting apps for data overuse, while those aged 25 – 34 proved the least trusting, with 39.68 per cent having deleted apps.

“We advise companies on where to sit on the data use spectrum so that they retain consumer trust whilst being able to better target their products and services,” said Stephen Groom, data commercialisation guru for Osborne Clarke. “Many companies are data heroes – finding the right balance between providing services and products in exchange for the right to use some consumer data. But those who overstep the mark – the data zeroes – can begin to lose their client base as consumers delete their apps.

“Companies need to constantly review their position in relation to using consumers data – what may be well perceived to be acceptable one week, may have massively changed the next because of a change in regulations or the enforcement agenda of the regulators, or a leak or flaw being exploited.”