Online Gambling Firms Targeting the Wrong Audience

gamblingOnly 21 per cent of consumers believe online gambling companies are targeting the right audience with their marketing, while two thirds are concerned at the amount of advertising for gambling online, according to a report released today by digital marketing company IgnitionOne.

The report interviewed over 2,000 members of the British public, including over 600 active or previous online gamblers, as well as speaking to 11 senior marketers in the sector. Among those who currently gamble online or have in the past, 49 per cent used between two and four different sites, with women more likely to use just a single site.

According to the marketers interviewed, the increase in new platforms like mobiles and tablets makes acquiring new customers difficult and costly, as each new platform requires a specific approach. While both the public at large and marketers placed more importance on television advertising as a tool for driving use, those who were current or former gamblers said that online ads were just as important.

The report also revealed what factors influenced gamblers choice of site, with an easy user experience, the quality of the games offered and regular discounts cited as the most important aspects. Corporate responsibility was also a big driver, with 52 per cent saying the knowledge that the company paid taxes in the UK influenced their decision; 50 per cent pointing to a system that limited spending as important; and 44 per cent preferring sites that make a financial contribution towards the treatment of gambling addicts.

Simon Haynes, managing director of IgnitionOne, said “We recognise the challenges that online gambling marketers face and how difficult it is to reach the right audience through digital and traditional channels, amidst a minefield of issues related to regulation, reputation and responsibility. We believe that online gambling marketers have only scratched the surface of what can be achieved with innovative digital marketing and that ROI from online channels can be achieved by using the right technology.”