Only a Fifth of Smartphone Users Remember Ads, says Azullo

Only 21 per cent of smartphone users remember having ever seen an ad on their browser or in-app. Thats according to a survey by mobile ad company Azullo – and its bad news for the industry.

Worse, of those who did remember seeing an ad, 53 per cent said they couldnt recall what brands, products or services were actually being promoted. And of those who remember what they’d seen advertised, only 14 per cent said it was more likely to make them want to buy the product.

The two most common reasons given for not being able to remember what the ads they saw were about were that the adverts werent memorable (34 per cent), and that ads were too distorted to be able to tell what they were about (39 per cent) – indicating a lack of inventory tailored to mobile, not to mention specific devices.

“Most mobile ad formats are adapted from desktop. Banners ads are squeezed to fit far smaller spaces, with resulting compromises in clarity,” said Guy Cookson, co-founder of Respond, Azullos mobile ad solution. “Graphical ads are also often slow to load over mobile networks. This is no way to engage an audience, to invite discovery, to inform and delight.”