Only One in Eight Brits Happy Storing Card Details on their Mobile

Only 33 per cent of UK consumers are happy to keep their loyalty cards on their mobile phone, according to a report from The Logic Group – and just 13 per cent are willing to store credit or debit cards in a mobile wallet.

“Every new technology has a slight level of resistance from consumers,” said Jon Worley, director of customer interactions at The Logic Group. “When chip-and-PIN was first introduced in the UK, there was a slight apprehension from consumers as to its security.  Now it is de facto in the retail payments system.”

Based on 1,000 consumers interviews carried out in March 2013 by Ipsos MORI, the study also found that 26 per cent of consumers are happy to receive tailored loyalty offers based on their mobile location.

“Retailers and merchants are faced with a chicken and egg situation when it comes to implementing mobile services as part of their multichannel customer interaction strategy,” said Worley. “Consumers are reluctant about the safety of their data and they also don’t want to be bombarded by untailored offers on their mobile.  Retailers and merchants are keen to find the sweet spot for mobile customer interaction to boost their bottom line.”