Onyx Beacon Brings Extra Security To The iBeacon Market

beaconOnyx Beacon has launched an enterprise-ready secure beacon that uses encryption to prevent networks being hijacked by outside users.

According to Onyx, most beacons have no security features in place, allowing anyone with the right tools to hijack them for their own purposes. While proximity technology is still being explored on the small scale by most companies, larger deployments would make security a major concern.

“Being among the first vendors to offer a complete package of beacons, SDK for iOS and Android, and a BMS to manage any type of beacons, we want to be at the forefront of the proximity mobile revolution that has started last year,” Bogdan Oros, co-founder of Onyx Beacon. “Improving security was just the next logical step in our efforts to transform the novelty beacons into commodity devices easy to adopt and deploy.”