Ooyala files lawsuit against Brightcove for misapproriation of trade secrets

Tyrone Stewart

OoyalaSilicon Valley-based video monetisation platform Ooyala has filed a lawsuit Brightcove, an online video platform, relating to the ‘deliberate and wilful misappropriation of trade secrets’.

The allegations regard the alleged theft of customer contact lists, confidential sales pitches and pricing, marketing plans and corporate strategies, as well as deceptive businesses practices, tortious interference and breach of contract.

The two companies had been working together in Latin America, and Ooyala believes this relationship has been ‘undermined and exploited’ by Brightcove’s alleged wrongdoing.

The video monetisation platform is seeking an injunction in the Federal District Court of Massachusetts to prevent the misappropriation of its trade secrets and is asking for Brightcove to return all the proprietary materials and destroy all the customer information it is alleged to have stolen. Furthermore, it is pursuing a trial in court.

Ooyala says “the defendants’ sharing of proprietary information infringed upon contractual confidentiality agreements, causing immediate, and potentially irrevocable, harm to [its] business dealings throughout the region.”