Open Goal for Mobile Footie Data

David Murphy

This summers World Cup provides a major opportunity for mobile phone vendors, network operators and ISPs. Thats the conclusion of an NOP survey commissioned by Ceon, which provides service fulfilment software for digital telephony services.

The survey questioned 800 mobile users about their attitude to mobile data services, and found that only 72% of all those aged 34 or younger plan to follow the games on TV,  compared with 87% in the same age group four years ago.
52% of respondents in the 15-34 age bracket said they would be happy to receive match
updates via SMS updates on their mobile phone, compared to just 8% who said they used SMS updates for the same reason four years ago. 31% said they would like footage of goals sent to their phone.

This is the first World Cup where mobile handsets on a wide scale have the capability to deliver football highlights to fans anytime, anywhere says Ceon Vice President, Yogen Patel. Our results show that the consumer demand for this service is there, but the challenge is now for operators and product managers to deliver bundles of specialised and targeted services. along with the more traditional services such as voicemail and SMS messaging.
According to Patel, the tournament provides a golden opportunity for operators to hook
consumers on new mobile data services.
But he adds:
As any marketer knows, however, timing is of critical importance, and the ability to quickly and efficiently deliver the products and services is of prime importance.