Open source Sailfish OS now Compatible with Android

Jolla, the company behind the open source Sailfish OS, has announced that its users will be able to download Android apps and use Sailfish on Android handsets.

The Linux-based OS, which is yet to launch, is being billed as a quick and easy dev platform for creating and customising software using standardised code. The company is also pushing its Other Half tech, an intechangeable NFC-enabled back plate that can add photos, ringtones or other pre-loaded content onto the handset. The integration with Android should give the company a critical mass of well-known apps to go to market with, although it is developing its own.

Jolla came out of the Nokia Meego open source project, with former execs from the now-Microsoft-owned company going on to create Sailfish. Mozilla has already launched its own open source OS and handset, while Tizen, another Linux-based project, is also on the way with backing from Samsung.

Jolla is also taking a second round of pre-orders for its Sailfish handset.