Open Source VR Consortium Announces $5m Developer Fund

osvr razer headsetOpen Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), the consortium of VR developers and manufacturers, has announced the launch of the OSVR Developer Fund, a $5m (£3.5m) content accelerator program that aims to encourage developers to support the consortiums open source ecosystem for VR content.

OSVRs ecosystem works across the board with all VR hardware, giving both developers and users more choice without having to deal with concerns over DRM policies or other restrictive measures. The developer fund hopes to attract more VR developers to adopting this standard, and will be made available to qualified participating VR content developers from both independent and major studios and firms.

“VR is working toward being a mainstream success thanks to all the developers who have stepped up to the plat to deliver the next-generation in interactive experiences,” said Christopher Mitchell, OSVR lead at gaming brand Razer. “The OSVR Developer Fund allows us to directly support the efforts of VR pioneers across the breadth of this developing industry while at the same time ensuring that content is available to everyone in the industry.

“It is our content that if everyone who is constructively contributing to the VR ecosystem succeeds, then VR will succeed. Closed doors in the world of development are a death sentence.”

Successful applicants to the fund will have their game codes purchased in bulk by Razer, along with any other future contributors to the fund, in exchange for support of the platform, compensating the developers for the time spent integrating the ecosystem, as well as providing OSVR with asset to promote the availability of games and experiences across the platform.

“We understand content developers have various development challenges and were committed to helping them get ahead of those barriers,” said Justin Cooney, OSVR director of developer relations at Razer. “The OSVR Developer Fund helps to support initial sales while enabling developers to contribute to the VR industry as a whole.”

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