Openwave and F5 Team Up for Policy Solution

Openwave Systems has announced a partnership with F5 Networks. Through the technology partnership, Openwave Smart Policy a context-aware policy management solution, and Openwave Integra, a traffic and policy management solution, will be integrated with F5 BIG-IP solutions.
The integrated Openwave/F5 solution makes extensive use of F5’s advanced layer 7 functionality including F5 iRules, an event-driven scripting language that provides operators with the control to directly manipulate and manage IP traffic. Leveraging F5’s scalable VIPRION platform as the policy enforcement point, the solution is designed to provide a cost-effective way for mobile operators to apply dynamic and context-aware policy rules using a set of data sources, including existing policy and traffic management systems, enabling operators to more effectively monitor, manage and monetize the mobile Internet.

“Data usage is growing tremendously on mobile networks, with the potential for creating network congestion and poor experiences for customers,” says Jan Dawson, Chief Telecoms Analyst at Ovum. “Even with the increased capacity and efficiency gains expected from LTE and other 4G technologies, operators need to pursue other options for managing traffic on their networks to ensure the best possible experience for customers.”

Openwave Smart Policy adds application-specific policy dimensions, complimenting overall network policy, to mobile broadband traffic. Through dynamic feedback and greater visibility into the traffic flow, says Openwave, Smart Policy enables creative service plan options. Policies based on factors such as the access network used; the user social group; the volume consumption per service and/or time of day/week; and the bandwidth usage level in different areas of the network, allow operators to have better control of the user experience and cost of the service delivery.

Openwave Integra can seamlessly update an operator’s WAP environment to embrace Internet protocols, preserving and maximizing existing investments with new opportunities to develop revenue. OPenwave says that Integra is focused on orchestrating and mediating a set of mobile Internet services, which are driven by a rich policy rules-engine that allows each transaction processed to be appropriately treated, depending on factors such as user profile, device capabilities, content being accessed and network. Integra’s plug-in services architecture enables all value-added services provided by Openwave to be easily installed and deployed on top of Integra. The operator may also choose to develop or avail of other third party services through this plug-in API.