Openwave Launches Integra 3.0

Openwave Systems has unveiled Openwave Integra 3.0, a Linux-based, proactive service mediation and policy management solution. According to Openwave, the solution supports all of its service management products, and affords operators the flexibility to select the deployment architecture and features that meet their specific needs, while reducing overall TCO (total cost of ownership). 
The data tsunami is here and now, and we believe Integra 3.0 will enable customers to become more agile in response to growing network capacity and service demands driven from the staggering waves of data demand from an increasing array of mobile and consumer electronic devices, says John Giere, Senior Vice President, Products and Marketing at Openwave. As operators continue looking for ways to optimise their network resources, solutions like Integra 3.0, with its comprehensive policy controls and traffic management features, will help operators create rich policy rules and enforcements to best manage their network.
Integra 3.0 is designed to allow operators to effectively manage, monitor and monetise mobile Iraffic from an increasingly diverse set of devices and Internet content, all from a single point of control in-network. With Integra 3.0, says Openwave, the operator is fully capable of continuing to manage and provide services for traffic from legacy devices and networks, while at the same time catering to the often separate needs of data-hungry devices that are emerging in the market. Integra can scale rapidly as traffic grows and deploy new mobile data services across converging access networks and devices.
Mobile data usage and uptake is expected to lead to unprecedented data consumption patterns, with growth in a manner that will likely exceed the characteristics of the fixed line internet, says Elisabeth Rainge, Director, NGN Operations, at analyst IDC. In order for operators to stay ahead of data consumption, they should consider both near and long-term solutions. To ensure that resources are fairly allocated in the face of the growing data demand, policy management solutions can help operators create rules and enforcement that manage precious network resources.
Integra 3.0 seamlessly updates an operators WAP environment to embrace Internet protocols, preserving and maximising existing investments with new opportunities to develop revenue. Integra 3.0 orchestrates and mediates a set of mobile Internet services, which are driven by a policy rules engine that allows each transaction processed to be treated as appropriate, depending on such factors as user profile, device capabilities, content being accessed and network. Integra plug-in services architecture ensures that all value-added services provided by Openwave can be easily installed and deployed on top of Integra 3.0. The operator may also choose to develop or avail of other third party services through this plug-in API.