Openwave Launches Mobile Analytics 7.0

Openwave Systems has announced the launch of Openwave Mobile Analytics 7.O, which it says provides deep analytics and rich reporting for mobile devices, including feature phones, Smartphones, netbooks and other mobile devices. 
Openwave Mobile Analytics 7.0 is designed to help operators better understand mobile data usage, segmented by various subscriber demographics and peak usage times, and identify data consumption patterns that can help them better price and deliver targeted content to users, and optimise their network bandwidth.
Openwave says the solution provides early identification of mobile data trends, enabling operators to make timely decisions to avoid bandwidth and capacity problems, and target business opportunities, while increasing revenues. The offerings business intelligence and reporting capabilities not only describe what is happening in an operators network, but also provide insight as to why it is happening and what is likely to take place in the near future, based on both historical and current data analysis. The solution does not require cookies or JavaScript to tag and monitor user activity.
There has been exponential data traffic growth, driven by an increase in the number of users accessing the mobile internet and increasingly sophisticated devices being introduced to the mass market that has caused operator network traffic to spike, and this growth is expected to continue to dramatically increase in the coming years with the introduction of netbooks and an ever increasing proliferation of Internet-enabled consumer devices, says Brent Iadarola, Global Program Director for the Mobile & wireless communications group at Frost & Sullivan. As operators plan strategies for managing the onslaught of data traffic that will likely overtax their networks, solutions that allow operators to analyse traffic usage patterns to better manage capacity and optimise bandwidth will help them to affect the topline in the near and long-term.