Openwave Launches Passport: Smart Policy Edition

Openwave Systems has launched Openwave Passport: Smart Policy Edition, a key solution in its Traffic Mediation product family. Passport is designed to enable mobile operators to successfully roll out new tiered pricing plans and rapidly adapt to changing market needs and growing demand. Passport: Smart Policy Edition incorporates a new feature set that includes advanced support for group-based pricing plans that can span multiple devices and users, as well as accumulated time plans.

Openwave is also working in collaboration with F5 Networks, which specialises in Application Delivery Networking (ADN), to provide intelligent integration of the companies’ products, and enable smart, dynamic policy control and enforcement, with user- and service-level awareness for wireless operators worldwide. Through the technology partnership, Openwave Passport: Smart Policy Edition and Openwave Integra, a traffic and policy management solution, will be integrated with F5’ BIG-IP solutions.

In addition to providing rich end user engagement capabilities through proactive notification (e.g. when roaming , nearing or exceeding service level quotas) , targeted service discovery, and rich service self-care facilities, the latest Passport offering also has advanced support for group pricing plans, enabling multiple devices, members of a family or a small enterprise to share a common service plan.

Operators can also offer bundled price plans based on various traffic profiles, such as browsing, email, home network versus roaming, and peak versus off-peak, defining specific quotas and bandwidth allowances in each case. In addition, Passport also supports accumulated time plans, where users can buy a chunk of online time and use it at will. For example, a user could buy 10 hours of online time and use it as he or she desires over a pre-determined duration of time. Passport is deployed as part of Openwave’s IP traffic mediation solution.  In cases where the operator has already deployed a network policy solution, Passport can coexist and integrate with a centralised policy controller.

“The all-you-can-eat data plans are all but going away, and an operator’s success hinges upon their ability to deliver innovative service plans that are tailored to match a variety of online behaviours,” says John Giere, senior vice president of products and marketing at Openwave. “Openwave Passport enables operators to create plans based on characteristics such as the data consumption patterns, type of content and nature of applications most frequently accessed by the user, to effectively target price plans for every lifestyle.”

Passport: Smart Policy Edition is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of calendar 2011.