Opera Launches Programmatic Mobile Exchange for Native Ads

OperaOpera Mediaworks has launched a mobile native ad exchange, as part of its OMAX programmatic offering.

The exchange will connect premium inventory, the majority of which is in-app, to more than a dozen different native demand sources. These include Facebook, TapSense and Applist, as well as Operas own Response network, while on the publisher side, launch partners include Demand Media, WildTangent and Pinsight Media.

“There’s no doubt that programmatic will drive the future of mobile advertising because of the scale and efficiency it delivers, but there are concerns over quality,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of Opera Mediaworks. “Native ads are high quality by their very nature: highly customizable with high-yield, delivering a great consumer experience. Our new native ad exchange is the best way to take these high-impact units and distribute them across the mobile landscape.”