Opera Mediaworks Opens Innovation Lab

innovation labMobile ad platform Opera Mediaworks has unveiled its new Innovation Lab, aimed at meeting the growing and evolving demands of consumers.

The Innovation Lab will focus soley on the needs of tomorrow, without having to worry about providing solutions to the problems that mobile marketers face today. The goal of the Lab is to create new products and solutions, leveraging technical innovation available at scale that will help marketers reach the next generation of mobile consumers in the most engaging and effective way possible.

The Innovation Lab recruited both internally from Opera Mediaworks and from some of the best mobile tech firms and ad agencies globally, including acquisitions from Apprupt in Germany and mobile video ad platform AdColony.

“Weve tasked the Innovation Lab team with understanding how consumers can and will be interacting with their mobile devices in the future – and with funding the ways that brands can actively participate in that experience,” said Scott Swanson, president of global advertising sales at Opera Mediaworks.

The Innovation Lab will focus on five distinct areas in their drive to explore the future of mobile marketing. These include interactivity, looking at how to use the native capabilities of mobile devices like the gyroscope, camera and voice recognition, and receptivity, ensuring that ads reach consumers in the right state of mind, as well as targeting, location and measurement.

The Innovation Lab will unveil its new products during a tour of various cities in the coming months, using demo stations at breakfast events to give marketers the opportunity to interact with the new addvertising products it has developed.