Oracle Launches Ad Solution for Mobile Operators

Oracle has announced the launch of Oracle Communications Marketing and Advertising, an application that enables network operators to securely execute targeted mobile advertising and marketing campaigns.
Historically, says Oracle, the effectiveness of mobile advertising has been hampered by advertisers inability to deliver targeted offers. By contrast, it says, Oracle Communications Marketing and Advertising changes this direction as the only application that allows network operators to execute targeted mobile advertising campaigns based on subscribers demographic, usage and location information.
Mobile marketing and advertising is expected to grow significantly in the next several years, and network operators need to stake their claim in this lucrative opportunity area, says Shira Levine, Directing Analyst, Next-gen OSS and Policy at analyst, Infonetics. Oracle Communications Marketing and Advertising represents a significant step forward by enabling network operators to develop mobile advertising environments that attract advertisers and ensure their satisfaction.
The application includes pre-built interfaces and pre-defined templates tailored for a variety of users, including advertisers, ad agencies and publishers; self-service tools that empower advertisers to create campaigns and monitor their effectiveness, while providing network operators secure control over the use of network resources; the ability both to push bulk messages to a large number of subscribers and to integrate advertising into pull messages responses to subscriber interactions, such as text message voting for a reality TV show; and support for advertising delivery via SMS, MMS and WAP push.
Oracle is dedicated to driving customer success through innovation, says Oracle Communications Vice President of Product Marketing, Dan Ford. Oracle Communications Marketing and Advertising exemplifies this commitment by addressing the hurdles that have previously prevented widespread adoption of mobile marketing and advertising. With this new application, Oracle helps network operators capitalize on new revenue streams that leverage subscriber data and network resources to provide advertisers with new opportunities for targeted marketing.