Oracle to Acquire Datalogix

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Datalogix specializes in measuring the impact of digital marketing on offline sales channels

Oracle has signed an agreement to acquire Datalogix, which specializes in connecting offline consumer spending to digital marketing to marketers increase the effectiveness of their advertising and understand which digital channels are driving offline sales.

Datalogix aggregates and provides insights on over $2 trillion in consumer spending from 1,500 data partners across 110m households. Over 650 customers, including 82 of the top 100 US advertisers such as Ford and Kraft, as well as seven of the top eightdigital media publishers, including Facebook and Twitter use Datalogix to enhance their media.
“The addition of Datalogix to the Oracle Data Cloud will provide data-driven marketers the most valuable targeting and measurement solution available,” said Omar Tawakol, group vice president and general manager of Oracle Data Cloud. “Oracle will now deliver comprehensive consumer profiles based on connected identities that will power personalization across digital, mobile, offline and TV.”

eMarketer analyst Yory Wurmser believes the deal is a significant one. “Datalogix plays a very important role in the advertising market, and many of the top tech platforms and agencies, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, are using Datalogix as a go-to source for tying offline purchase data back to digital influence,” said Wurmser. “Offline consumer data is incredibly valuable because businesses are still trying to figure out the indirect and longer-term effects of online advertising. This would give Oracle an even richer set of data to work with in bridging their CRM capabilities and promising better ad targeting and messaging and better analytics.”