Oral-B releases iO toothbrush with compatible app and AI recognition technology

Alyssa Clementi

Oral-B has announced the release of a new digital toothbrush, Oral-B iO, which will come with an app to help users keep track of their daily dental hygiene and toothbrush usage. In addition to the compatible app, the Oral-B iO features an interactive display, a smart pressure sensor, and a visual timer to make sure users brush for at least 2 minutes.

The Oral-B iO toothbrush links to the user’s app by Bluetooth, and then 3D graphics of the user’s mouth will pop-up on the Oral-B app. Using both 3D Tracking technology and AI Recognition, the toothbrush will track and record the user’s dental hygiene progress on the app, as well as alert the user to neglected areas of the mouth.

“There is nothing like Oral-B iOTM. It introduces a new era in brushing and is a monumental
leap in innovative oral care technology,” said Steve Bishop, P&G Health Care CEO. “The result of years of expert development, Oral-B iOTM strikes the right balance between effectiveness and experience and reimagines how a brush performs, cleans and feels. It is a brush that people will look forward to using and will deliver superior oral health.”

“Oral-B iOTM goes beyond being a new toothbrush – it is an innovative brushing technology with a truly sensorial experience that users will feel, hear and see, transforming the act of brushing teeth from something they have to do into something they actually will want to do,” said Phillip Hundeshagen, P&G R&D. “Six years of dedicated research were undertaken with dental professionals to discover a wholly original brushing experience.”