Orange Digital Media Index Shows Mobile Web Growth

Orange has unveiled its third Digital Media Index, which examines trends in customer consumption of digital media. The latest findings reveal a sharp increase in mobile Internet access, alongside traditional fixed-line broadband.
The Orange Digital Media Index reveals usage patterns across the full range of Oranges entertainment and communications services, including home broadband, text and picture messaging, and the mobile Internet.
The latest report finds the mobile Internet becoming a part of day-to-day life, with a 35% increase in page impressions. Mobile TV is also taking off, with an 87% increase in the total hours viewed. Video downloads are also gaining momentum, with the number of downloads having doubled in the last year. Single music track downloads are also reaching new heights, with a record-breaking 289,000 tracks downloaded in December alone. But vanilla-flavoured text messaging remains as popular as ever, with over 1.3 billion messages sent each month, an increase of 21% on the last Orange Digital Media Index.
The mobile phone has truly taken its place as a multimedia content device, says Orange Director of Portals for Orange, Matthew Kirk. The popularity of Mobile TV, music and gaming has surged, as customers use the mobile Internet alongside home broadband to stay connected wherever they are. It really is the third screen in our lives for entertainment, communication and information, alongside the TV and the PC.”