Orange Fuses Research with TGI

Orange has announced that its annual research study Orange Mobile Exposure has joined forces with the TGI database. 

Orange Mobile Exposure is an independent research project which is carried out each year by market research company TNS, while TGI is a survey organisation that is used by the advertising industry to monitor consumer usage habits and attitudes. 

The new Mobile Exposure data will give advertisers and media agencies better insight into European mobile media trends, and give marketers better measurement of their campaigns, according to Orange. 

Luc Tran Thang, VP of advertising at the Orange group, says: “Knowing customers is at the heart of our business and understanding consumer behaviour is at the core of an advertisers work. By making this information available we are able to act as a supportive partner to the advertising industry and encourage growth in the mobile market. This growth will mean more effective mobile advertising, which in turn is better for everyone – operators, advertisers and ultimately consumers who can reap the benefits of targeted promotions for those that want it.”

Jon Mew, head of mobile at the Internet Advertising Bureau, says that the joined data sets will provide some advertisers with the missing link they have been waiting for to embrace mobile advertising. 

“Whilst mobile advertising had doubled in the last year, one of the main barriers stopping advertisers doing even more is a lack of understanding of consumer behaviour on mobile,” he says. “This fusion will help be a catalyst for the industry, bringing together the excellent depth of a project like Exposure with TGI, a well-used and respected survey. It will open the door to a whole new possible level of analysis for every advertiser and agency in the UK.”

To get hold of Exposure data, contact the Orange Advertising Network (called Unanimis in the UK) and submit a brief. If you already subscribe to TGI, you will have access to the fused database free of charge upon request. 

Advertisers can also receive a bespoke analysis and campaign insights based on their specified audience and sector. For more information click here

The new release of Orange Mobile Exposure research will be available in Q4 2011, and will cover mobile media habits, including tablet usage, says Orange.