Orange Mobilises Communities with People Projects

Orange has unveiled People Perojects, a Facebook application for users in the UK and France, that lets people communicate with their social network and create groups online that want to support, or be part of community projects. In line with Oranges brand vision, Together we can do more, the new service is designed to help individuals to call on the internet community to support or carry out their projects. The service will be available on mobile in the future. People Projects has been developed with the support of Publicis and Poke.
People Projects encourages web users to discover a number of projects or initiatives where they are based, get in touch with the project owners or other volunteers, and communicate with one another. It also lets the groups demonstrate their achievements and share them with the world.
The Facebook application enables web users to manage and fulfill shared projects, whether they are personal or community-focused  (e.g. holding a neighbourhood picnic or organising a charity event).
For anyone starting a project, the application offers a dedicated project page, tools to promote it and virtually reward those who help; a task list so you know whos doing what; an events tool to organise meetings and get things moving; and a timeline to make sure everything stays on track
Three levels of interaction with a project are possible: viewing and distributing the project; expressing your support; and putting yourself forward as an active participant.
Project owners on Facebook can opt-in to include their project on the Orange People Projects website, which provides a showcase of the projects happening in Facebook. Orange will also highlight up to eight inspiring projects on the website homepage. Each project has a dedicated page and a link is provided to the project in Facebook .
Facebook users can download the People Projects application from today to create their own project and invite people to take part. In the future, Orange will offer the application on other community networks.