Orange Suffers in Latest Kaizo Advocacy Index

Orange has fared badly in the results of new research into brands’ online reputation. The Kaizo Advocacy Index, a bi-annual audit of online reputation, has analysed digital news and social media outlets to rank UK brands including mobile operators, supermarkets and airlines. The results reveals that some of the UK’s leading brands are experiencing serious online reputation management issues.

The Kaizo Advocacy Index researched four sectors; supermarkets, children’s cereals, airlines and mobiles. Waitrose, Morrisons and Cheerios performed the best across all sectors researched. Brands with the worst scores include Ryanair, BMI and Orange.

Mobile operators’ online reputation suffered as a result of a number of factors, including poor customer service, delayed updates to handsets and corporate changes. This despite new handset launches and customer engagement innovations such as O2’s eco mobile rating scheme, which awards a ‘green’ rating to mobile handsets.

“Delays, poor service and lack of communication are incredibly annoying for consumers and these frustrations are inevitably played out online as customers communicate anywhere, be it an airport lounge over the other side of the world, or a mobile phone store in Hackney,” says Kaizo managing director, Rhodri Harries.