Orange Teams Up with Intel

Intel and Orange have announced a strategic agreement  to deliver Orange multimedia services across a number of devices based on the Intel Atom Processor and MeeGo software platform. MeeGo, a result of a merger of the Linux-based Moblin and Maemo software projects, enables an open software environment for rapid development of a range of smart, PC-like devices and services.
Establishing a common software framework across multiple devices, ranging from Smartphones to tablets and Netbooks, Intel and Orange say they will simplify access to an increasingly mobile and personalized Internet, and drive uptake of new and existing applications and services. The companies add that they will work to increase the availability of Orange Signature Services, such as Orange TV and Orange Maps, which will be supported by the MeeGo environment.
75% of our customer base has yet to embrace the mobile Internet, says Yves Maitre, from Orange Groups SVP Devices team. With the increasing number of phones and operating systems for customers to choose from, it is our role to make sure our customers journey into this richer mobile multimedia environment is simple and easy. Our collaboration with Intel on the MeeGo software platform will not only ensure a broader choice in terms of screens and devices, but that customers continue to benefit from a consistent user experience delivered through Orange Signature services, including a customized home-screen they trust and recognize, the highest quality network and secure and simplified billing.