OrCam launches companion app for MyEye2

OrCam Technologies has launched a companion app for OrCam MyEye 2 device, to boost its accessibility for blind and visually impaired users. The app was developed in consultation with existing OrCam MyEye users who provided valuable guidance on the app’s functionality and user interface.

OrCam MyEye 2 is a wearable, artificial vision device that is designed to increase the independence of people who are blind, visually impaired, or have reading difficulties. It uses artificial intelligence to analyse visual information and instantly communicate it to the user via audio. This includes reading any printed or digital text off of any surface and instantly identifying faces, products and more. The size of a finger, the device is lightweight, wireless and attaches magnetically to any pair of glasses.

The app connects to the OrCam MyEye 2 device via Bluetooth and allows users to access certain features of the device via their smartphone, including remote control reading navigation; allowing users to pause, rewind, or fast forward the text their device is reading; the settings menu; allowing users to quickly alter settings and connect to wi-fi networks; and the help function, which allows users to access online OrCam MyEye 2 tutorials.

The app also includes a new ‘Find Me’ feature, which allows users to trigger a sound on their OrCam MyEye device if it is nearby. The app is fully accessible for both blind and visually impaired users, supporting voice over and extra-large font sizes. It is currently available in English-speaking markets on iOS devices, and is compatible with OrCam MyEye 2 devices running software version 8.2. An Android version of the app is currently in development, as well as versions of the app in a further 23 languages.

OrCam MyEye 2 user Ian White has tried out the app. He said: “The new app is very easy and intuitive to use, and the layout is very clear for a visually impaired person, unlike many other apps which require you to navigate between lots of pages. It took me barely five minutes to pair my OrCam MyEye 2 up with the app, and I have been enjoying using the remote control feature when I’m reading. I also tried out the new ‘Find Me’ feature which worked brilliantly – I got my wife to hide my OrCam MyEye 2 from me but I was able to find it pretty quickly.”

OrCam is committed to making its devices as accessible as possible, so the OrCam MyEye 2’s features all remain accessible on the device, without needing to use the app. All the device’s operations are processed offline and in real-time, without requiring wi-fi. The company says it is the only wearable artificial vision technology that is activated by an intuitive pointing gesture or simply by following the wearers gaze, allowing for hands-free use.
OrCam MyEye 2 is CE registered as a Medical Device, and is available throughout the UK. Funding assistance is available through the Access to Work and Disabled Students Allowance schemes.