Oriel Technology Sees 40 per cent of Ad Blockers Re-engage

oriel anti ad block solutionAd tech firm Oriel Ventures has launched a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that provides publishers with the tools to analyse and communicate with its ad blocking audiences, with initial tests showing up to 40 per cent of ad blocking users choosing to re-engage with ad-funded content.

The SaaS aims to protect content and advertising revenue for publishers, and private pre-launch trials have seen the technology be adopted by gaming, news, tech, blogging and social media publishers, all of whom have seen significant rises in ad block users opting to whitelist their sites.

Oriels software platform enables publishers to analyse the true impact of ad blocking on their business using a comprehensive range of measurements, then provides them with the tools to directly communicate with ad blocking users through customisable messages and re-engage those users through content access control and content delivery protection technology.

“Ad blocking has rapidly evolved as a consumer response to poor practice in advertising and the tools we offer today provide immediate results for publishers to render ad-blocking ineffective,” said Aidan Joyce, CEO and co-founder of Oriel. “Our goal is to expand our content protection delivery platform to encapsulate more user-centric needs by fixing whats wrong with advertising, namely speed of delivery, ad-choice, privacy concerns and safety for users.”

Ad blocking grew more than 40 per cent globally last year, with 220m people using ad block technology on a regular basis. On mobile, Asia is the worst affected market, with 50 per cent of mobile browsers in India including ad blocking as standard.

Oriel is one of the ad tech companies working with the IAB to promote its new LEAN principles which aim to redress the value exchange that takes place between consumers and publishers, and enable a free internet to exist.