Out There Updates Mobucks Ad Platform

Mobile advertising firm Out There Media has released version 2.0 of its multi-channel mobile advertising marketplace technology, Mobucks. The new version builds on the success of Mobucks 1.0 and Mobucks AdFund, which have been deployed with several leading mobile operators. Mobucks 2.0 features a series of improvements that have been designed to further facilitate the successful implementation of mobile ad campaigns for both network operators and advertisers, over a unified platform.
According to Out There Media, Mobucks 2.0 features break-through enhancements for optimum campaign set-up and management. It also offers data mining and profiling capabilities for dynamic customer profiling and targeting. An improved reporting structure provides detailed, customizable and easy-to-use campaign performance reports. The new version of Mobucks also includes an advanced user management system that recognizes its users based on their roles and functions, and thus provides a plug-and-play connection to ad networks and any other ad sales partners, assigning permissions to them accordingly.