Outfit7 Unveils Cross-promotion Platform for Mobile Games

Bee7 game wallEntertainment company Outfit7 has launched a cross-promotion platform that aims to aid developers in monetising mobile games without disrupting the user experience.

The Bee7 platform was originally developed as an in-house discovery and cross-promotion solution for the firms own games, and is now being made available to other developers, enabling them to offer gamers a non-intrusive way to discover new games.

Bee7 delivers game related content, rather than advertisements, and helps users discover new games when they want to, while rewarding them for continuing to play the games they enjoy. The platform aims to augment freemium games, which make up 98 per cent of the Android game market, and within Outfit7, use of the system has led to a 40 per cent increase in user retention over traditional ad-based promotions.

“Its rare and exciting to be able to enter the market with a technology thats both an industry-first and, thanks to Outfit7, already proven as extremely successful,” said John Rankin, managing director of Bee7. “There are many talented game developers out there who are simply not able to make money on Android. Before Bee7, there hasnt been a proven way to build an audience of loyal and engaged gamers for most developers.

“Bee7s philosophy is to give the tens of thousands of smaller developers the same opportunity to grow that well established studios already have.”