Over 30 per cent of Global Online Transactions Made on Mobile

mCommerce-Online-Shopping-Trolley-Retail.jpgAlmost a third of all online transactions worldwide are being made via mobile, with the number going as high as 49 per cent for some services, and 47 per cent for online transactions in the UK, according to the latest data.

Adyens Mobile Payments Index for Q3, which tracks mobile payment data from web-based transactions across the companys customer base, has revealed that mobile continues to grow as a payments source, with over 30 per cent of all global online transactions made via mobile, up from 28.7 per cent in Q2.

The UK continues to lead in terms of mobile maturity, with 46.9 per cent of online transactions taking place on mobile, followed by Spain and the Netherlands with 32 per cent, the United States at 27 per cent and Germany at 25 per cent.

The figure also varies from service to service. PayPal, which is most popular in the US and UK, saw 40 per cent of its transactions made via mobile, while Dutch online banking service iDeal boasted 49 per cent on mobile. In Japan, 47 per cent of payments from card provider JCB were made on mobile, while in China, Alipay achieved 35 per cent and UnionPay was at 23 per cent.

“Adyen has been focusing on offering mobile-optimised checkout for years now, and with this data demonstrating that up to half of local payment method transactions are taking place on mobile, it is clear that optimising the payment flow for a smooth mobile checkout is crucial for businesses,” said Roelant Prins, chief commerce officer at Adyen.

“As an example, more than one third of Alipay transactions processed by Adyen are on mobile, and customers such as Evernote and The Cambridge Satchel Company have reported immediate increases in conversion after offering mobile-optimised Alipay payment flow with Adyen.”