OwnFone Personalised Handset Raises £786,000 in Funding

ownfoneOwnFone, which produces personalised mobile phones aimed at children and older people, has raised £786,000 in funding, £250,000 of it from the UK Governments Angel CoFund.

Founded around a year ago, OwnFone creates a small, light, low cost mobile phone which is personalised to the owner. The size of a credit card with a standby battery life of a year, it is intended to connect users to the most important people in their life, and is perfect as an emergency second phone.

Among the other investors in the company are the London Business Angels, Renaissance Capital Partners and mobile expert Nigel Litchfield, who will be joining the companys board.

“We all acknowledge the near-global ubiquity of the smartphone, but this doesnt mean such technology is the right product for everyone all the time,” said Litchfield. “In fact, there are plenty of occasions when a smartphone – expensive, energy consuming and complicated – is an unnecessary hassle.

“The team at OwnFone have recognised this and I really look forward to working closely with them as we further develop this product and boost marketing efforts over the next twelve months.”