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Oysho and Stardivarius fail's mobile optimisation test

David Murphy
Domino's was one of the sites that fared well in the tests

British online marketplace has decided has released the results of a study of 60 major high street brands, looking at the degree to which their websites are optimised for mobile.

The study measured the time taken for a site to load the First Contentful Paint (FCP) on mobile. The FCP measures the time from navigation to the time when the browser renders the first bit of content on the page. According to, the FCP load time should be under two seconds, a benchmark that was achieved by Gap, Dominos, Sainsbury’s, Huawei ( all 1.6 seconds), and Deichmann (1.7 seconds).

85 per cent of the websites in the study took longer than two seconds to load, with 13 per cent taking more than eight seconds. The worst offenders were Oysho (19.7 seconds), Stradivarius (13.8 seconds), Massimo Dutti (8.9 seconds), Bershka and Lush (both 8.7 seconds).

The study also measured the Time to Interact (TTI), which measures how long it takes a page to become fully interactive. Ideally, this should be between 0 and 5.2 seconds. Only two of the companies in the study - H&M and Deichmann - achieved a TTI under 5.2 seconds, with 37 per cent taking more than 20 seconds to become fully interactive.  

Finally, the tool used to gather the data (PageSpeed Insights) shows a performance score that can go from 1 (bad) to 100 (good). looked at each website to see how many of them rank under 10 for the performance score when it comes to mobile site optimisation. 20 per cent of the companies analysed scored less than 10.