PadSquad leverages social stories across the mobile web

Tim Maytom

Social media platforms are increasingly embracing 'Stories' features that enable users to share short, time-limited clips with followers, but brands looking to make use of these features are often limited to in-app deployments.

Mobile rich media firm PadSquad is helping brands to break down this barrier, enabling marketers to share stories outside the typical social app experience on the wider mobile web, and giving them access to targeting and analytics tools outside those provided by the native app.

"PadSquad is dedicated to great creative that helps brands tell stories in a more interesting way that resonates with consumers," said Daniel Meehan, CEO and founder of PadSquad. "Audiences are already very familiar with the stories format, so Squad Stories is a natural extension of what they know, while also expanding its capabilities outside of the app setting."

The format repurposes an array of social content, from short form video and GIFs to Boomerangs and other animated imagery, while also offering a premium mobile environment that lets advertisers take advantage of this creative in a brand-safe setting.

Brands including Clorox, Brita and Ben & Jerry's have partnered with PadSquad to make use of Squad Stories, and have seen engagement rates rise by 400 per cent over industry benchmarks, with 10 time the average time spent with the creative. The format has been made in compliance with the Coalition for Better Ads' standards, and aims to take advantage of social media trends to present consumers with brand experiences they'll want to engage with and remember.