Paid app installs can boost organic downloads by up to 150 per cent

While most marketers are aware that paid media usually results in an increase in sales, installs or whatever other metric for success youre using, new data from Tune suggests that paid app install ads can have a huge impact beyond just their audience, helping to also increase organic downloads by up to 148 per cent as a side-effect.

The figures come from a new whitepaper by Tune, Better Together: The Elements of Paid & Organic Marketing, which examines the relationship between paid, earned and owned marketing, and how those definitions are evolving in the mobile age.

The whitepaper calls for a more blended approach to marketing, supported by evidence from a number of high profile campaigns. Among the findings Tune detail are the fact that paid social ads can boost organic web traffic by between 15 and 35 per cent, while paid SEM and PPC campaigns can boost organic SEO up to 39 per cent.

“Connections between elements of paid and organic marketing are not always apparent,” says John Koetsier, author of the report. “Nonetheless, proven combinations exist and new combinations are being identified every day. Breakthrough marketing is driven by new connection points.”

The full report is available for free here, and provides both in-depth evidence on how paid and organic marketing relate to each other, and key strategies on how marketers can exploit these relationships to make their campaigns more efficient.