Paid Leave for All influencer campaign pushes for US paid family and medical leave policy

Paid Leave For All, the US advocacy group for paid family and medical leave, and creator agency Billion Dollar Boy (BDB) are teaming up to launch a pro bono campaign aimed at rallying public support for a nationwide paid family and medical leave policy in the United States. The campaign, running in partnership with Caring Across Generations and ParentsTogether, ignites a renewed push for Paid Leave for All’s nationwide petition with Glamour Magazine, and seeks to harness the power of creators to use their content creation skills and audiences to create lasting change and improve the lives of millions of Americans.

Today, the US remains one of only six countries in the world that guarantees no form of paid leave for its workers. As a result BDB points out, three in four working people do not have paid family leave through their jobs. One in four women have returned to work within two weeks of giving birth, while their bodies are not yet healed. And 61 per cent of people caring for an aging loved one, or a loved one with a disability or medical condition, are doing this while working and without support

Despite being a recurrent proposal in Washington, D.C. and its historic progress, federal paid family and medical leave has not yet passed. There has been renewed energy and action in 2023, with a strong budget proposal from the President, a new bipartisan working group in the House and a growing number of champions in Congress.

Paid Leave For All is partnering with Billion Dollar Boy and collaborating with creators for its latest push on a petition first launched this spring with Glamour. Paid Leave for All’s goal is to win and enact a comprehensive and inclusive federal paid family and medical leave program that would finally make federal paid leave benefits available to everyone, including self-employed workers.

Through creative content, influencers will share personal stories of their trials with pregnancy, childbirth, and other family scenarios and the challenges and consequences they encountered resulting from the lack of paid leave. Creators taking part include Katie Sturino, Rachael Shepard-Ohta and Eva Chen.

“We’re thrilled to have support from Billion Dollar Boy for this next wave and push for paid leave,” said Dawn Huckelbridge, Director of Paid Leave for All. “We recognize the potential of creators as agents of social change, and as this campaign unfolds it will help make our voices exponentially louder as we harness the momentum and demand policymakers finally commit to passing paid leave.”

The campaign is running now and features content that not only raises awareness about this pressing issue but also encourages followers to sign the petition letter demanding policy makers commitment to paid family and medical leave. The letter can be signed here. And there’s more information about the campaign here.