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Panasonic and RealVNC Bring Smartphones to the Dashboard

Kirsty Styles

Panasonic is integrating RealVNC’s cross-platform technology into its in-car radio systems so drivers can display and control their smartphone screens via the car’s dashboard. The phone can be connected via a USB cable, bluetooth or wi-fi depending on the car manufacturer's chosen compatility. The system will give car owners and passengers access to content such as maps, music and internet radio.

“The smartphone is the content hub of this generation and users want access to their content and applications wherever they are, including in vehicle. We faced the challenge of meeting these needs in a way that was safe but where the experience was seamless,” said Kenki Matsuda, manager of Automotive Systems Company, a division of Panasonic.

Panasonic's Display-Audio system, has already been adopted by a major automotive manufacturer and is currently available to drivers as a extra.