Papa John's Brings Customer Feedback to Pizza Boxes with SMS and QR Codes

Alex Spencer

Papa JohnsPapa John's is rolling out packaging for its takeaway pizzas featuring a call to action inviting customers to rate their experience via mobile.

By scanning a QR code on the pizza box or texting a provided shortcode, recipients will be able to score their overall experience and write a quick review. This will be accompanied with a new feedback widget on the Papa John’s website, as part of a wider initiative to gather and act upon customer feedback.

This feedback will be analysed in real time using Rant & Rave's customer engagement technology, which sends the results to the Papa John’s head office as well as individual franchisees.

The full deployment, at all 248 Papa John's stores in the UK, follows a trial in eight stores across London and the South East.

“We’ve been really impressed by the results we’ve had so far; with a brilliant response rate showing that our customers are ready and willing to share their thoughts," said Andrew Gallagher, senior director of marketing at Papa John’s. “We’re also thrilled that the vast majority of our feedback has been 'Raves' – which helps us understand what our customers love about us. Of course, we’re also learning where we get things wrong.

“A peak in comments about delayed deliveries is a good indicator of where we may need to address staffing levels, just in the same way an increase in negative comments following a change to our menu could lead us to rethink our decision.”