Papaya Moves Into China with LG Deal

PapayaMobile, a mobile social platform for Android, has revealed that LG will preinstall Papaya applications into its Android phones shipping in China, beginning this month. Papaya recently released China-specific versions of its SDK to provide developers with specific access to Papaya end users, game localisation services and features such as language options.

In partnering with LG and releasing its China SDK package, PapayaMobile continues to expand its global reach to benefit Android developers. With an existing US and European user base of 8m, Papaya says it expects its user base to grow by 32m in China alone over the next two years.

Papaya adds that as a a China-based company, iy is one of the few players in the Android ecosystem that can provide developers with deep expertise on how to properly address emerging markets, such as China, and offer global reach via its existing network.

“Papaya aims to be the leading global social gaming platform on Android and our partnership with LG and the release of our China SDK continue to play into this global strategy,” says co-founder and CEO,  Si Shen. “As our presence expands, developers who want to use our social tools and increasing user base can share in our growth.”