Papaya Reveals Billing Revolution Success on GetJar

Independent app store GetJar has revealed that Papaya Mobile, a mobile social platform for Android, is achieving first-time conversion rates of 34 per cent and second transaction conversion rates (single-click enabled) of 72 per cent using a billing solution of its choice, Billing Revolution’s Single-Click Checkout, for several of its Android titles on GetJar.

GetJar says it remains convinced that developers know best which solutions will give them the greatest payout based on their user demographics and locations, especially because there is no one billing solution that works equally well across all countries.

“GetJar’s goal is to empower developers to make more money in our app store, which is why we never take a cut of the developer’s revenue and we let the developer choose the billing partner that works best for them,” says GetJar COM, Patrick Mork. “It’s terrific to see Papaya Mobile achieving such great results using Billing Revolution’s Single-Click Checkout, and we’re happy that Papaya Mobile is sharing their experience with other developers.”

“We think a 30 per cent rev share… is robbery – we charge $0.15 per transaction,” says Billing Revolution CEO, Andy Kleitsch. “We’re excited to put more money in the pocket of developers, and we’re thrilled that Papaya Mobile is seeing such incredible conversion rates.”

Single-Click Checkout is a mobile app that enables consumers to easily conduct credit card purchases with their mobile devices from any web- or mobile-based merchant, without entering a username and password.