PapayaMobile Inks BulkyPix Deal

Mobile social gaming network PapayaMobile has announced a deal with digital entertainment publisher BulkyPix that will see its games distributed to over 22m Android users worldwide, as well as gaining access to the Chinese mobile gaming market. BulkyPix titles available at launch include Saving Private Sheep, A Moon for the Sky, and Hills of Glory: WWII, with others to follow.

Each title will benefit from Papaya’s one-stop monetisation services and distribution in China as a part of the social network’s new Gateway to China programme.

By releasing their games on Papaya, BulkyPix will gain distribution to over 22m  worldwide users, access to Papaya’s seamless billing solutions, including Papaya’s virtual currency and in-app billing solutions, and entrance into the Chinese market through Papaya’s Gateway to China programme. BulkyPix will now have access to Papaya features such as news feeds, p-mail, leaderboards and chat.

“We’re dedicated to continuously expanding the already great content available on the Papaya social network, hence BulkyPix is a natural partner for us,” says PapayaMobile CEO, Si Shen. “The Papaya network is an independent platform that developers can use to make their games more social and viral, while optimising monetisation by reaching a worldwide gaming audience.”