Paragon Launches SlovoEd 7.0

Paragon Software Group, which develops software and provides content for mobile devices and PC desktops, has announced the release of the SlovoEd 7.0 engine for its dictionary series on Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs, which it says brings mobile dictionary browsing to unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy while occupying a minimum amount of space on the device.
Developed specifically for each type of hardware, the rich functionality of the SlovoEd dictionary can be enjoyed equally on either the Pocket PC or Windows Mobile Smartphone without any loss of attributes, the company says. The SlovoEd series from monolingual reference encyclopedias to bilingual translation dictionaries in 30 languages, including Chinese offers a host of features and learning tools along with audio pronunciations for the most difficult words, which fits every learners level and learning style. Paragons technology makes it possible for mobile users around the globe to work and communicate in 30 languages more easily, the company says, and, with licensed pre-installed software, SlovoEd increases the value and attractiveness of mobile devices to end users worldwide.
The SlovoEd 7.0 engine means that the dictionaries most comprehensive databases can now be browsed even more rapidly, making wireless translation for language learners of all levels effortless and extremely fast. The high compression capabilities of the engine minimize even the most comprehensive unabridged dictionaries, and can also be installed to memory cards in order to economize memory space on the device. The add-on sound module, pre-recorded by native speakers, makes full use of mobile audio, with the most difficult words in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, enabling the user to listen to pronunciations with live speech quality.
All SlovoEd dictionaries are based on the most reliable linguistic databases, which have been developed through years of extensive research, coming directly from the worlds leading publishers such as Merriam-Webster, Oxford UP, Duden, PONS and Harrap, to name a few. The multilingual on-screen keyboard layout for 30 languages enables users to enter and translate words and letters in different languages, even if it is not supported by the device. Users can look words up with wildcards (“*”, “?”, etc.) when the exact spelling is unknown, while the Search History function saves a list of the last 30 translations. Special learning tools such as Flash Cards allow users to add new words to flash cards and test their knowledge as many times as desired.
The SlovoEd series is currently compatible with all Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.1 devices. All online content updates are free of charge to users who purchase SlovoEd programs. SlovoEd Deluxe retails for $59.95 (32); SlovoEd Classic for $39.95; and SlovoEd Compact for 24.95.
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